Wine purse Problem Of Now Market

The wine purse leaks. Cause the spout can move inside of the bag and the Wine leaked all over the bottom of the bag, distroy the other stuffs.

A nice wine purse shoulde be a nice wine cooler, you can’t pull it chilled just it have a hole on it, muti-function didn’t work good here

The poor canvas beach material can’t be a real wine purse, even the colors ran ruined your beautiful cover up

You can’t promote your wine with Cheaply poor made, strings everywhere, loose stitches in the wine purse , forget it as promotion gift.

Wine purse we offer to solve above problems

This bag is well constructed,Perfect for tailgating, pool days, or parties

Large box wine bladder fits in the wine purse convenience look perfect with room for ice cold packs.

Made of Great quality Durable,high denisty nylon & silicon, soft rubber belt,7stitchings in 1 inch.

The wine purse size can be adjusted by rolling, Great for promotion , glass prohibited venues,large boxed wine, can hold the 4 Litre wine bag.

What we offer to custom this wine purse

Custom wine purse mateiral like carbon fiber Pvc Laser Iridescent Hologram,Etc make your wine purses speical.

Personalize logo wine purse , impressed pictures wine purse available

Low moq to start the custom wine purse start, custom package, professional communicate support.

Start the comunication with profession